Nutri Bar

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Nutri Bar is a product rich in high-quality protein which able to repair muscle effectively, especially after workout. And the DHA-Omega 3 fatty acids of Nutri Bar can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, coronary heart disease and fatal arrhythmia. NutriBar is suitable to consume by all ages. It is nicely portion in size and easy to carry.

Product Description

Health is Wealth

Currently, skipping breakfast has become very common in our society. Which cause humanity experiencing multiple illnesses.

Skipping breakfast might lead to :

·         Easy to gain weight ·         Immunity decrease
·         Skin complexion problem ·         Digestive diseases
·         Aging ·         Decrease the ability to work/learn
·         Constipation ·         High risk for gallstones

Therefore it is related that daily intake of breakfast should be consume wisely, Such as lower calories intake. We  should start changing our eating habits by consuming right things with sufficient energy that nourish our body for us to handle our daily tasks throughout the day..

Hence breakfast is the most important meal of the day.It provides the body and brain with fuel after an overnight fasting,that’s where its name originated, breaking the fast! Without breakfast you are actually running empty, as if trying to start the car with no fuel. Stay Healthy…..

For working adults and students nowadays,having lunch/dinner at home is almost mission impossible. Each of our meal should account 1/3 of our calories per day, but for many reasons, lunch/dinner will be perfunctory. Because of the rush, we will choose convenient and fast to eat foods. Experts point out that although these foods provide sufficient energy to the body, but protein,and micronutrient are insufficient. Which are bad for human health. Usually convenient food might contain trans fats, high sodium, cholesterol and others carcinogenic substances.

Instead, choose high-protein foods with low calories that can increase blood tyrosine while keeping the mind sharp. ACT NOW!, Eat Healthy and Choose Nutri Bar. Anytime Anywhere.

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